50 Years of Fieldays – Mystery Creek, Waikato 12 – 15 June 18

A wet and wild start to June saw us drag out the gumboots as we attended Fieldays, where we were featuring our DSPA range of Fire Suppression Systems.

One of the innovative solutions that was creating a lot of interest was our new DSPA Fire Suppression solution for vehicles. This is fast becoming a very sought after solution for heavy vehicles, mining, transport, construction, anywhere where the risk of fire to ether the asset or the environment is a threat.

Options range from a simple stand-alone system using a DSPA unit and Thermocord, to a more complex system like pictured, which offers a controller so that the operator can activate the system manually.

The DSPA automotive solution is perfect for the line trucks, or generators used in the power industry where often isolation means you are a long way from assistance, and with our dryer summers scrub and bush fires are a real threat if a vehicle does catch fire, not to mention the total lose of the asset.

Contact Grant McEnery to learn more about this amazing product range. email: grant.mcenery@dspaoceania.com

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