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50 Years of Fieldays – Mystery Creek, Waikato 12 – 15 June 18

A wet and wild start to June saw us drag out the gumboots as we attended Fieldays, where we were featuring our DSPA range of Fire Suppression Systems.

One of the innovative solutions that was creating a lot of interest was our new DSPA Fire Suppression solution for vehicles. This is fast becoming a very sought after solution for heavy vehicles, mining, transport, construction, anywhere where the risk of fire to ether the asset or the environment is a threat.

Options range from a simple stand-alone system using a DSPA unit and Thermocord, to a more complex system like pictured, which offers a controller so that the operator can activate the system manually.

The DSPA automotive solution is perfect for the line trucks, or generators used in the power industry where often isolation means you are a long way from assistance, and with our dryer summers scrub and bush fires are a real threat if a vehicle does catch fire, not to mention the total lose of the asset.

Contact Grant McEnery to learn more about this amazing product range. email:

DSPA @ Fieldays 2018

DSPA are attending this years Fieldays in Mystery Creek, Waikato.

This will be our first ever time at Fieldays and we are getting very excited to attend especially after the success DSPA had at the boat shows.

Come talk to us and see the latest in Fire Suppression Systems for your farm vehicle, utility, generators, etc.

Event:  Fieldays 2018
Where: Mystery Creek Waikato
When: 13th – 16th June 2018
Stand: O9


DSPA – Fire Fighters First Responce

Fire Fighters
DSPA 5: Unique fire knock down tool for fire fighters

Uniquely for fire fighters, DSPA offers the DSPA 5, a portable knock down tool used for indoor fires.

The DSPA 5 offers a solution for those fires that happen every day in places that are difficult to access. For example, to attack a basement fire means descending through the hottest air layers from the fire. Flashovers and Backdrafts are real dangers to every fire fighter. The DSPA-5 will knock the flames down in seconds and significantly reduce the temperature.

A shortage of water often causes difficult logistical problems, especially when fighting large fires. Crucial time is often lost. The DSPA-5 knocks down the fire, flames are gone and only a small quantity of water is needed to extinguish even a fully developed fire.

New technique to fight flash overs and back drafts
When fighting fully developed fires, which can result in flashovers or backdrafts, DSPA-5 will knock down the flames and drop the temperature quickly and efficiently to a manageable level.

For firefighters this will mean that the safety when performing an indoor attack will be increased significantly.

Other advantages
– Can be deployed quickly and easily
– Knocks the fire down, flames are gone within seconds
– Prevents flashovers and backdrafts
– Saves crucial time & money
– Increases the safety of fire fighters considerably
– Does not deplete oxygen levels
– Is friendly to the environment
– Is harmless to humans and animals
– Does not cause any overpressure

Talk to us to learn more about how DSPA can save life’s by suppressing the fire and keeping you out of halms way!

Tests showed that deploying a DSPA unit into a house fire while rolling out hoses to combat the fire, suppressed the blaze sop quickly that 2/3rds less water was required.


DSPA @ On The Water Boat Show 2017



DSPA Oceania will be making it’s second apperance at the upcoming On The Water Boat Show fast approaching us all on 28th September 2017.

So join us @ Viaduct Harbour in Auckland.


28th September – 1st October 2017 – Viaduct Harbour

DSPA @ AFAC17 Sydney



DSPA Oceania will be making it’s debut at the upcoming afac17 show fast approaching us all in September 2017.

So join us @ the International Convention Centre in Sydney’s Darling Harbour.

We will be having some massive live demo’s and also with our AU partner showing off a brand new DSPA system designed for your engine bays on all commercial vehicles.

4th – 7th Sepetember 2017

DSPA at the Inaugural Wellington Boat Show!

Between the 6th and 9th of April, the Wellington Boat show was held, where DSPA was one of many to make ourselves and our products present to the public.

The crowds were good, the atmosphere was delightful, and the variety of stalls was a treat.

Many well-known individuals attended the event. The following  photograph illustrates just a few of the highly regarded people who showed face. From left is Petone Lions Club President Noel Scherp, Hutt City Major Ray Wallace, National Party MP Chris Bishop, and City Deputy Major David Basset.untitled

The evidently present Hutt City Major Ray Wallace opened the event, making humor of the very normal wet weather of the Lower North Island, joking stating “I would say welcome to sunny Lower Hutt but I’ll have to change that a little bit”.

Following on from the opening day, the Wellington Boat show presented attendees with sights of luxurious yachts, water safety seminars, food stalls, and the launch of New Zealand’s first endurance yacht race that sailed around Wellington for 24 hours straight.

Among all this action, DSPA had our stall up and ready for display, where we were able to interact with clients and others within the Marine and Boat industry.IMG_2769

Along with the Boat show, the stall was a success, despite the above ‘river’ that decided to also attend our stall.

Thanks to all who came and see you again next time!

It’s All ON!! @ On The Water Boat Show

It’s arrived … It all starts tomorrow @ the Viaduct Harbour this weekend.

DSPA are all setup in Pavilion 3 stand 327.

Drop in and talk to the team, enter the draw while you are there for a fantastic RC Yacht valued @ $500.00

Show dates 29th September – 2nd October. From 9am – 6pm.

Get in there!


Nofiq Fire Extinguishers (FE) are intelligent devices

The Nofiq Fire Extinguishers (FE) are intelligent devices. They not only extinguish the fire but are also the detectors – they sense both Carbon Monoxide (CO) and temperature increases.

If the CO level increases above 20 ppm then the device will raise the alarm and send a signal to the control unit. If the temperature then rises above 50 degrees C or increases at or above 2 degrees C per minute then the device will activate itself and flood the cabinet. The five primary functions of the Nofiq extinguishers; Detect, Alert, Communicate, Extinguish and Control – can all operate automatically, without human intervention.

The FEs are installed inside the cabinets and require only a small space. For networked configurations the FEs communicate with their control panel wirelessly, as seen in this photograph.

The combination of CO and temperature sensors means that a fire will be detected at a very early stage, so unlike other systems the Nofiq will activate and extinguish before any real damage has been caused. The aerosol that floods the cabinet is the same as DSPA –refer to the page ‘How DSPA Works’  to see the animation on how the DSPA extinguishes the fire at molecular level.4564494244_pre

The DSPA aerosol is non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-conductive; and as the aerosol particles are approximately 2 microns in size (a fraction of the size of a speck of dust), there is no harm done to the electrical circuitry.

DSPA-5 Saves the day!

Extinguisher does its duty – National Fisherman

Every month we feature eight products in National Fisherman‘s Product Roundup section. Two of those are selected for a more extensive discussion because they are new, they are innovative, and they might make a difference in the lives of commercial fishermen.

From reader surveys we know it’s a well-read section, but we don’t generally hear how a particular product affected someone’s life. Well this time we did, though truth be told, we don’t know if the DSPA-5 flame extinguisher was first learned about in the pages of NF or at the local marine dealer. In this case, that probably would have been Hercules SLR in New Bedford, Mass., who informed us of the incident. However, the source isn’t so critical. What’s important is that the DSPA-5 did what it was supposed to do.


DSPA5_Fishmen-300x240Ted Williams (left), marine safety coordinator with Hercules SLR (U.S.), and Freedom skipper Derek Eilertsen and his daughter display the DSPA-5 used to put out the engine room fire on the scalloper. Rodney Avilla photoThe DSPA-5, a product of AFG Flameguard USA, is an aerosol-based fire suppression and extinguishing system with potassium compounds that break the bond between oxygen and a fire, thus putting down the fire in seconds. It’s packaged in a handheld disc-shaped object with a firing pin by the handle. Pull the pin; toss the DSPA-5 in the area with the fire, close the door, and shortly the fire should be extinguished.

This past Easter Sunday, the scalloper Freedom was towing its dredges when the winches stopped responding. The boat’s skipper, Derek Eilertsen, attempted to check the hydraulic system in the engine room but was driven back by intense heat and smoke.

The crew tossed a DSPA-5 into the engine room and shut the door. A few minutes later the door was cool to the touch. When they opened the door, there was less smoke and heat, allowing them to extinguish smoldering insulation with a wash-down hose.

A leaky hydraulic hose was the culprit, spraying oil on the exhaust, which ignited the oil. The DSPA kept the fire from spreading and instead of thousands of dollars for repair work, the damage was minimal. And no one was injured.

The Freedom returned to port under her own power and, after a day spent making minor repairs and cleaning up the engine room, went back fishing.

Obviously, the DSPA-5 made a difference.


Extinguisher does its duty – National Fisherman
Written by Linc Bedrosian
Tuesday, 28 April 2015