Diesel Generator Meereboer

Diesel Generator Meereboer


Meereboer Verhuur BV
Aalbos 3
1721PL Broek op Langedijk
The Netherlands

Project description:

Meereboer verhuur BV is a company that rents a wide variety of equipment to the off shore industry, such as generators, compressors, high and low pressure pumps, surface cleaning equipment, hydraulics and measuring equipment.
For diesel generators DSPA.nl was asked to deliver an aerosol extinguishing system that is low in maintenance, easy to install and very effective. The biggest advantage of a DSPA system for Meereboer is that all components are non-pressurized, which avoids a lot of logistical problems. After a short technical training the installation was executed by Meereboer verhuur’s own engineers.

System specifications per container:

Description Amount
DSPA 11-4 1
DSPA CU Light (12Vdc) 1
Lineair heat detection cable XCR 180C 2


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