DSPA 5 deployment Gästrike Rescue

DSPA 5 deployment Gästrike Rescue

The following is a summary of an incident report about a kitchen fire in Gavle, Sweden.

Gystrike_rescueIncident report – Gästrike Rescue
Refers to Fire and rescue-operation report no. 2012A01701

When I arrived on the scene, the tenants were outside the building. I was told that none were left in the apartments. I brought the DSPA 5, when I went through the stairwell, I peeked a little through the apartment’s door and decided that I could not go into the apartment were the fire was.
I have received information that about 1 meter further in the hall, you would have the kitchen directly to the right. I closed the apartment door, pulled the pin, opened the door again and threw the grenade into the kitchen. In the meantime, the other firefighters were ready to attack the fire from the inside, but I said we needed to wait a few minutes, so that the DSPA 5 could make its effect. Meanwhile I went around to the back of the house to see if I could see any fire from there, it was dark in the apartment but I thought that I could imagine a fire in the middle of the kitchen. Then I told the smoke divers to go in. They entered the apartment and put out the remaining hotspots, they also opened the patio door, they came back out to the staircase and we prepared a high pressure fan. Firefighters went back in and tore down the rests of the exhaust hood above the stove and extinguished a few small area’s with water.


  • My conclusion is that we used a minimal amount of water and that the smoke divers had a good and safe working environment.
  • My conclusion is that the DSPA 5 was very effective and a great help.


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