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DSPA 5: Unique fire knock down tool for fire fighters

Uniquely for fire fighters, DSPA offers the DSPA 5, a portable knock down tool used for indoor fires.

The DSPA 5 offers a solution for those fires that happen every day in places that are difficult to access. For example, to attack a basement fire means descending through the hottest air layers from the fire. Flashovers and Backdrafts are real dangers to every fire fighter. The DSPA-5 will knock the flames down in seconds and significantly reduce the temperature.

A shortage of water often causes difficult logistical problems, especially when fighting large fires. Crucial time is often lost. The DSPA-5 knocks down the fire, flames are gone and only a small quantity of water is needed to extinguish even a fully developed fire.

New technique to fight flash overs and back drafts
When fighting fully developed fires, which can result in flashovers or backdrafts, DSPA-5 will knock down the flames and drop the temperature quickly and efficiently to a manageable level.

For firefighters this will mean that the safety when performing an indoor attack will be increased significantly.

Other advantages
– Can be deployed quickly and easily
– Knocks the fire down, flames are gone within seconds
– Prevents flashovers and backdrafts
– Saves crucial time & money
– Increases the safety of fire fighters considerably
– Does not deplete oxygen levels
– Is friendly to the environment
– Is harmless to humans and animals
– Does not cause any overpressure

Talk to us to learn more about how DSPA can save life’s by suppressing the fire and keeping you out of halms way!

Tests showed that deploying a DSPA unit into a house fire while rolling out hoses to combat the fire, suppressed the blaze sop quickly that 2/3rds less water was required.


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