The Nofiq Fire Extinguishers (FE) are intelligent devices. They not only extinguish the fire but are also the detectors – they sense both Carbon Monoxide (CO) and temperature increases.

If the CO level increases above 20 ppm then the device will raise the alarm and send a signal to the control unit. If the temperature then rises above 50 degrees C or increases at or above 2 degrees C per minute then the device will activate itself and flood the cabinet. The five primary functions of the Nofiq extinguishers; Detect, Alert, Communicate, Extinguish and Control – can all operate automatically, without human intervention.

The FEs are installed inside the cabinets and require only a small space. For networked configurations the FEs communicate with their control panel wirelessly, as seen in this photograph.

The combination of CO and temperature sensors means that a fire will be detected at a very early stage, so unlike other systems the Nofiq will activate and extinguish before any real damage has been caused. The aerosol that floods the cabinet is the same as DSPA – refer to the page ‘How DSPA Works’  to see the animation on how the DSPA extinguishes the fire at molecular level.4564494244_pre

The DSPA aerosol is non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-conductive; and as the aerosol particles are approximately 2 microns in size (a fraction of the size of a speck of dust), there is no harm done to the electrical circuitry.